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Tighten and Sculpt Your Body with Body Tite

Body Tite is a new Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) device that will sculpt, tighten, and lift your problem areas. Body Tite offers a new answer to many of the problem areas of liposuction. Lipo is a great solution to sculpt your body by removing unwanted fat deposits from under the skin, but extensive lipo can lead to loose skin in the treated area. Body Tite is the solution to this unwanted problem.


Areas of the body like the upper arms, inner thighs, above the knees, and lower abdomen can be more susceptible to loose skin after undergoing lipo. Traditionally, the only way to achieve tight skin after a treatment is to undergo open surgical procedures, such as thigh lifts for front and inner thighs, or a tummy tuck for the lower abdomen region. The problem with these options is the scarring that occurs due to the surgery. Body Tite RFAL will tighten the skin as the fat is removed, thereby minimalizing the effect of loosening the skin and leaving no scarring in the process.


How Does Body Tite Work?

Body Tite uses RFAL technology to both melt the fat deposits and tighten the skin simultaneously. The hand piece has two probes that project out of the handle: one is long, blunt, and looks like a smaller cannula, while the other is wider and flat, used inside the body. The two probes function like the two poles of a battery and a current of energy flows between them. The probes flow over and under the skin to melt the fat deposits for liposuction while also stimulating the skin to aide in tightening and prevent loose skin. This unique approach allows the application of RFAL to much more than just simple liposuction.


Breast Lift with RFAL

Another application for Body Tite with RFAL is in breast reduction and lift procedures. Breast reduction or lift surgeries typically require a long scar on the front of the breasts. Because of the skin tightening ability of RFAL, we can remove fat from breasts and provide a lift in a minimal and non-invasive way. This is extremely promising for our patients due to the Body Tite RFAL not requiring incisions—only a tiny puncture that heals with minimal scarring. The result of the combination is a breast lift or reduction with RFAL that does not have the long scars that are needed with traditional breast lift and reduction procedures.