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What is RFAL?

Traditionally, there have been two ways to sculpt a problem area. There is the open surgery route of a face lift, tummy tuck or thigh lift, or the less invasive method of tumescent liposuction. The first option involves large scars in the affected areas and a long recovery time after treatment. Tumescent liposuction has a quick recovery time, very tiny to no scarring and less trauma, but can sometimes result in loose skin in the treated area. However, with the creation of RFAL, there is now a better option. Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) is a newly FDA approved technology that will simultaneously remove fat deposits and tighten skin. Learn about Radio Frequency Lipo below!

What is Unique About RFAL?

RFAL uses bipolar radiofrequency energy that has a controlled path. This makes the radio energy travel in a precise and efficient way that will increase patient safety and results of the procedure. The radio energy will heat up and tighten the skin at the same time as it destroys the fat deposits. Radio Frequency Lipo is the new medical sensation!

RFAL is also a technology that can be used on multiple areas of the body with the same results. Face Tite is for tightening and sculpting smaller areas on the face, cheeks, jowls and chin that will create a more youthful and smooth face. Neck Tite is used to tighten the neck and chin area, eliminating saggy necks, double chins, or a combination of the two. Body Tite is for larger areas like the thighs, arms, and abdomen that will be used in conjunction with liposuction to give the most amount of body sculpting and tightening for larger areas and smooth results.

Benefits of RFAL

Unlike the traditional methods of body sculpting and fat removal, RFAL is an in-office procedure that only requires local anesthetic. With Laser Lipo There is a small incision area where the device is inserted, but patients are able to avoid large cuts and have only minimal scarring. Since there are fewer traumas to your body, RFAL also has a decreased downtime for recovery. The procedure is a great alternative to plastic surgery and will remove your unwanted fat in small treatment areas without the hassle of larger cosmetic surgeries. Traditional liposuction may cause unwanted loosening of the skin that would require further surgery to remedy. The technology behind the RFAL procedure will reduce the need for complicated surgery that will run the risk of large scaring, trauma, and months of recovery time. RFAL takes the results and cuts out the long recovery period to create a better you! Contact us today!