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Benefits of RFALipo for Breasts

Radio frequency assisted liposuction has been changing lives by sculpting, tightening, and lifting problem areas all across the body. This state-of-the-art procedure is able to remove large stores of fat tissue without the need for traumatic surgery. Radio frequency assisted liposuction can treat various areas, including the thighs, arms, neck, and waist area. However, one area that you can see tremendous results from radio frequency assisted liposuction is the breasts. Women with extremely large breasts can finally achieve more natural looking results through this reduction procedure. Here are the benefits of this incredible procedure.

No Sagging Skin

Traditional breast lifts can leave you with sagging skin due to how the fat tissue is removed. With radio frequency assisted liposuction, the fat tissue is “melted” away using radio frequency technology before being safely suctioned away through a small incision. Your breasts will be perkier than ever without any sagging skin left over.

Perkier Breasts

Radio frequency assisted liposuction will leave you with perkier breasts with a natural look. Most patients can see a lift of around one or two inches due to the skin tightening benefits of this procedure. This will show a more natural aesthetic result with little scar tissue left behind.

Only a Minor Surgical Procedure

Traditional breast lifts require large incisions that can leave significant scar tissue behind. Radio frequency assisted liposuction only requires small incisions to be made where the instruments are to be inserted. Following the procedure, most patients will only see a puncture that will quickly heal with virtually no noticeable scar tissue to be seen.

Removes Large Quantity of Fat Tissue

Radio frequency assisted liposuction can safely remove large amounts of fat tissue with this state-of-the-art technology. Most individuals of various breast sizes can be ideal candidates for this incredible procedure. The one body type that is not recommended for radio frequency assisted liposuction is extremely saggy breasts that drop below the rib cage. For women with this body type, they can achieve better results through a traditional breast lift. Radio frequency assisted liposuction can safely remove large stores of fat tissue while tightening the skin, providing perky breasts.

Technicians Who Understand the Procedure

Choosing Dr. Wright and his team of highly trained professionals at RFAL can provide you with life changing results. Our team has years of experience, leaving you in trusted hands. Consider getting radio frequency assisted liposuction with Dr. Wright at the Laser Lipo and Vein Center; contact us today for a consultation.