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Before and After NeckTite

The signs of aging can be shown in the neck with sagging skin and stores of fat tissue that appear as jowls. Many procedures exist to reduce their appearance and lead to a more youthful appearance. Radio frequency assisted liposuction in the neck, or NeckTite, provides these results with a non-invasive procedure.

What to Expect

NeckTite procedures use small incisions that allow a small laser to be inserted and “melt” the fat tissue before being safely suctioned out. Local anesthesia is used so patients are unable to feel the incision or use of instruments.

Recovery Time

Since NeckTite uses a minimally-invasive precision that other techniques do not use, patients can only expect a recovery time of approximately one week. Other neck lift options use larger incisions that result in recovery times of up to six weeks. Most patients of NeckTite can be back to their everyday routine quickly. Following the procedure, most patients will have a small puncture mark that will be virtually unnoticeable within days.

Long Lasting Results

Patients of NeckTite can expect to see long lasting results, with most patients seeing results for up to five years. These results are comparable to mini neck-lifts without the use of invasive surgical incisions.

Before and After NeckTite

Say goodbye to sagging skin and jowls around the neck and get tighter skin with a NeckTite procedure. Your neckline will have younger looking results without the use invasive incisions. Contact Dr. Wright and his team at the Laser Lipo and Vein Center today for optimal results.