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Before and After BreastTite

Extremely large breasts can lead to physical and psychological impairments that can be difficult to live with. Traditional breast lifts are available to reduce the amount of fat tissue in the breast. BreastTite is one such procedure that uses state-of-the-art laser technology to have the perkier breasts you have always wanted.

What to Expect

BreastTite’s laser technology “melts” the fat tissue found in the breast before it is safely removed through suction. Only small incisions are needed to safely insert the instruments used in BreastTite procedures; this cannot be said of other breast lift procedures.

Recovery Time

The small incisions used for a BreastTite procedure allow most patients to fully heal within only a week. Other breast lift procedures require most patients to spend a recovery period of six weeks to fully recuperate. In fact, most patients can get back to their daily activities immediately following the procedure. Following the procedure, only a small puncture is found that is virtually unnoticeable within a week.

Long Lasting Results

BreastTite leaves long lasting results that most patients can see for up to five years. These results are comparable to other breast lift procedures but require far less invasiveness.

Before and After BreastTite

You can enjoy perkier breasts and rid yourself of the chronic pain associated with large breasts by receiving a BreastTite procedure. Also say goodbye to sagginess that large breasts typically lead to. You will be happy with how your body looks following this incredible procedure and finally be happy to show yourself off. Contact Dr. Wright and his team at the Laser Lipo and Vein Center today to receive these incredible results.