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RFA Lipo vs Liposuction - What's the Difference?

Several different fat reduction procedures exist to help individuals lose unwanted stores of fat tissue. Traditional liposuction has existed for years to remove fat tissue, but it is slowly being replaced by radio frequency assisted liposuction. This state-of-the-art procedure uses radio frequency technology to “melt” away fat tissue before it is suctioned out. There are several key differences between these two similar procedures. Here are key differences to review when considering which procedure is best for you.

The Technique

Traditional liposuction techniques do not use radio frequency technology, instead using a cannula to manipulate and remove the fat tissue from beneath the skin. This technique can impact the body and leave patients with a lengthy recovery time. Radio frequency assisted liposuction uses radio frequency technology that softens fat tissue and makes it easier to safely remove it. Only small incisions are used for radio frequency assisted liposuction in order to insert the instruments used for the procedure. Traditional liposuction typically needs larger incisions that can leave noticeable scar tissue.

Benefits of Skin Tightening

While traditional liposuction provides the benefit of fat reduction, there is little else acquired. Radio frequency assisted liposuction provides an additional benefit of skin tightening. The way the tissue is heated lets your skin achieve rejuvenation and renewed collagen production. Traditional liposuction can leave patients with sagging tissue, particular with older patients who have less elasticity in their skin. Achieve tighter skin with radio frequency assisted liposuction.

Recovery Period

Since traditional liposuction requires invasive surgical techniques, there is a longer recovery period expected for most patients. This recovery period can extend up to six weeks and require the use of compression garments during that time. Radio frequency assisted liposuction uses small incisions that do not require such an extended recovery period. Most patients can expect only a couple of days to fully recover, with the use of comprehension garments for approximately a week. Patients will only see a puncture mark following the procedure and will be virtually scar-free after the recovery period.

See the Difference

Radio frequency assisted liposuction has been using state-of-the-art technology for years, providing incredible results to those looking to shed some pounds. The results are real and with minimal possible side effects that are uncommon. Choose Dr. Wright and his team of professionals at the Laser Lipo and Vein Center and see how radio frequency assisted liposuction can leave you contoured body and feel great again.