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FaceTite vs Face Lift

The face is one of the areas of the body that will show the signs of aging the quickest due to the thinner skin around the area. The sagging skin and deposits of fat tissue can lead to many confidence issues and have you feeling unsatisfied with the way you look. Face lifts have been around for years to combat these unwanted side effects of aging. Most face lifts require cosmetic surgery to tighten loose skin around the jawline, mouth, and nose. When combined with other surgeries, patients can also enhance the appearance of their cheeks, brows, and forehead. Radio frequency assisted liposuction, or FaceTite, can achieve these same results in one easy to receive operation that is minimally invasive. Here are the key differences between these two procedures.

The Technique

FaceTite uses minimally invasive radio frequency technology to “melt” the fat tissue before it is safely removed through suction. A small incision is made to allow the instruments to be inserted into the treated away. Traditional face lifts require substantial surgical incisions and are quite noticeable. The stores of fat tissue are surgically removed and can be traumatic to your skin tissue since it has not been softened prior to removal. The state-of-the-art FaceTite procedure is less invasive on the body and leads to incredible results.

Skin Tightening

A second benefit of reducing the fat tissue found in the face is skin tightening. Most face lifts can be combined with other techniques to tighten the skin in the treated area after the fat tissue has been reduced. Additional procedures can lead to additional costs and recovery times for the patient. FaceTite procedures can achieve both of these results in one easy to receive procedure. The heat created by radio frequency helps induce collagen production, leaving your skin looking and feeling tighter and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. Traditional face lifts can result in additional sagging for older individuals who have less elasticity in their skin.

Recovery Time

Traditional face lifts are invasive in nature due to the surgical incisions made before removing the stores of fat tissue. These significant incisions can lead to lengthy recovery times of up to six weeks. Your body will be healing during this time and lead to noticeable scar tissue. FaceTite achieves the same, if not better results than a traditional face lift, but only requires a week of recovery. Most patients will only see a small puncture mark following this procedure that will be virtually unnoticeable after a week. The body will not have experienced the trauma of traditional surgical incisions.

Choosing Face Tite

By choosing a FaceTite procedure, you can achieve skin in the face that has less sagging and stores of fat tissue. Choosing Dr. Wright and his team of professionals at the Laser Lipo and Vein Center can help you achieve this goal. Contact us today for a consultation.