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Before and After FaceTite

As we get older, natural signs of aging can be seen in the face in the form of sagging skin and stores of fat tissue building up. There are several procedures around to combat these unwanted side effects, such as traditional face-lifts. Radio frequency assisted liposuction in the face or FaceTite provides incredible results with a non-invasive procedure.

*Actual Client - Individual Results May Vary

What to Expect

FaceTite is a state-of-the-art procedure which uses small incisions that allow a small laser to be inserted and soften the fat tissue before it is safely suctioned out. Only local anesthesia is used, so patients are pain free during this procedure.


| *Actual Patient - Individual Results May Vary

Recovery Time

Most face-lifts require larger incisions that can lead to lengthy recovery times. Patients of FaceTite can achieve results with only small incisions that take up to a week of recovery. Traditional face-lifts leave most patients with up to six weeks. Following a FaceTite procedure, only a small puncture mark can be seen, which will be virtually unnoticeable after the week of recovery.

Long Lasting Results

FaceTite can produce long lasting results, with most patients seeing results for up to five years. These results are often seen in most face-lifts without the need for invasive surgical incisions.

*Actual Client - Individual Results May Vary

Before and After FaceTite

Your brow, nose, and forehead can appear younger with the incredible results of a FaceTite procedure. After this non-invasive procedure you will be feeling great and finally enjoy the way you look. Contact Dr. Wright and his team at the Laser Lipo and Vein Center and see how you can get incredible results today.

*Actual Client - Individual Results May Vary